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Business Master’s Programmes from University of West London January 2013 Intake

Business Master’s Programmes from University of West London
January 2013 Intake

·        MBA
·        MA Contemporary Marketing
·        MSc International Business Management
·        MSc Accounting and Finance
·        MSc Project Management  

ANC Education, with a proven academic excellence of ten years, launched its School of Postgraduate Education in June 2012 with the aim of providing the largest portfolio of Masters Degrees in collaboration with the University of West London, UK. ANC Education has grown in stature to become the only education conglomerate offering education options from kindergarten to postgraduate level with its Pre-school; Modern Montessori International, International Schools; Wycherley International and St Nicholas College, and Tertiary Education through ANC Undergraduate and Postgraduate Schools. Longstanding collaborations with leading universities in USA, Australia, UK, Canada and Malaysia has made the ANC Education the most preferred choice in the Sri Lankan private education sector.
The University of West London (UWL) is prestigiously known as the “Best Modern University in London” (Guardian University 2012 and 2013 million+ university category) with several No 1 rankings in its name including No 1 for Graduate Employment Rate (Times Higher Education Guide). The university is comprised of eight schools including Business, Law, Hospitality and Tourism, Psychology, Art, Design and Media, Nursing, Midwifery and Healthcare, Social Care and Human Sciences and Computing and Technology. With a heritage of over 150 years in teaching and professional education, the university is known to be a knowledge hub that moulds students to prepare for career opportunities and prospects while they study. The UWL Business postgraduate programmes are developed to enhance professional growth and offer students something beyond the general norm in relation to the business scenario globally.  
 The UWL MBA is designed to assist continuing professional development by providing students with module groupings that will assist them in developing a critical understanding of functional perspectives on business activities, both locally and globally.  It also provides a multi-disciplinary perspective on business issues enabling students to formulate policies and decisions in a holistic manner.
MA Contemporary Marketing
MA Contemporary Marketing Prorgamme is focused on developing intellectual skills at Masters level, including the ability to acquire and manage information, communicate clearly in various media, analyse complex marketing and other strategic issues, think critically and work with alternative national and international perspectives to produce effective marketing strategies, decisions and actions.
MSc International Business Management
This programme will provide a forum for the discussion and critical appreciation of corporate cross-cultural issues and add value to the learning experience by offering students the opportunity to discuss real life case-studies with peers and tutors, which in turn will foster their ability to analyse and synthesize complex issues, think critically and communicate effectively.
MSc Accounting and Finance
The programme will meet the needs of most of Accountancy graduates who wish to embark on post-graduate training in Accounting & Finance. Graduates with degree/professional qualification in Accounting and Finance seeking to improve their employability profile would find this programme of particular interest.
MSc Project Management
This programme, allows students to engage with the core frameworks, principles and techniques within project management with an enhanced awareness of the issues related to managing project resources; controlling project finances, managing risks and quality, managing people and facilitating organisational change
The master’s of business programmes that are being offered by ANC Education will be focused on advancing knowledge by introducing study methods that deviate from theory based education and capture more practical elements. The general curriculum of the MBA MSc and MA programmes will precisely cover what is offered by the University of West London with a percentage of the coursework being taught by professors from London. Classes will be conducted on weekday-evening and weekend schedules for the convenience of the students. The 8- 12 months course duration enables students to gain a rigorous learning experience and to enhance their capacity in managing work, life and learning. All the master’s programmes are offered at Rs 590,000 + the Dissertation Fee.  Monthly payment plans (8-12 months) and student loan facilities are at hand for students who opt for the best postgraduate education at a reasonable cost. Further information on the programmes can be obtained on 0777449966.



Dr Dayanath Jayasuriya P.C.

In June 2012, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of ANC Education Ltd.- a leading private sector education service provider- launched its School of Postgraduate Education. In partnership with the University of West London, it will offer in Sri Lanka a range of Master of Laws (LL.M.) and Master of Business Administration programmes which will lead to ‘internal’ University of West London postgraduate qualifications. The Vice Chancellor of the University, Professor Peter John and the head of its Ealing Law School, Professor Malcolm Davies, were here for the launch. The Vice Chancellor welcomed the ‘new marriage’ between the University and ANC to enable access to higher education facilities by a wider audience of students and practitioners who are otherwise unable to spend time overseas to pursue their studies.
The University of West London (UWL) offers a range of LL.M. programmes. The Law School was rated, by The Guardian, as the No. 1 modern Law School in London among the Million+ universities.  The LL.M. programmes that are offered by UWL are the following:
·         International Business and Commercial Law
·         International Banking and Finance Law
·         International Studies in  Intellectual Property Law
·          International Investment law and Arbitration
Following a two semester model, each programme will have specialized modules. Each module will have 60 hours of lectures and other inter-active activities. In addition, lectures on Research Methodology with tutor support will lead to the development of a 15, 000 word dissertation. The programmes are meant to be completed within one year with lectures being held on one weekday evening (from 5 30 p.m. to 8 30 p.m.) and on Saturday mornings and afternoons. The LL.M. in International Business and Commercial Law is by far the most popular of the programmes.
Admission to the LL.M. programmes is essentially meant for those who have a LL.B. degree from a recognized university or who have been admitted to practice law in an acceptable jurisdiction. Admission is also possible for those with appropriate academic or professional qualifications where the course of studies had included relevant legal subjects and have acquired sufficient post-qualification working experience- these applicants will be screened on a case-by-case basis. ANC has a flexible financing arrangement available to applicants for the LL.M. programmes.
Lectures will be conducted here by visiting UWL academics as well as by leading local academics. In addition to the regular lectures, ANC will organize a series of seminars and guest lectures by eminent jurists, lawyers and industry practitioners.  The first in the series of seminars took place in June when the Hon’ble Suresh Chandra, Judge of the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka and Fiji and Professor Malcolm Davies addressed the issue of sentencing policies with a panel consisting of Mr Shibly Aziz P.C., former Attorney-General and Immediate Past President, Bar Association of Sri Lanka and Mr. Anil Tittawela P.C. Subsequent seminars have focused on the implications of the new Finance Business Act; the drafting of legislation etc.
With the renewed interest in foreign participation in joint ventures in several areas of the country’s economy, it has become more urgent than ever before for local lawyers and professionals to broaden their horizons.
The LL.M. programmes of the University of West London provide a unique opportunity for Sri Lankan lawyers and professionals who deal with legal matters to gain an insight into many areas of the law of practical relevance to their work. The programmes cover statutory, case law and regulatory developments not only in the United Kingdom and the European Union but also at the international level. The series of optional guest lectures focus on corresponding Sri Lankan legal developments. This combination is unique in that students will benefit by enhancing their knowledge relating to both the international as well as domestic legal aspects. As such, these programmes will help to facilitate career advancement and enhance operational efficiency in highly competitive business environments with new challenges and opportunities. The UWL has its e-based and ‘Blackboard’ technology which will assist students to gain access to relevant power point presentations and reading materials as well as to upload their written assignments. The arrangement is to basically ‘mirror’ what is being taught in London. Students enrolling for the International Investment law and Arbitration or the International Intellectual Property Rights and International Commercial Law programme have to spend a part of the semester in London following the module lectures at the UWL campus in west London.
Both with regard to content as well as delivery of the programmes, these LL.M. programmes offer a unique opportunity to acquire an internal LL.M. award from a leading British law school. This dual approach of exposure to British, European and international law and to corresponding Sri Lankan law adds a new dimension to postgraduate legal education available in Sri Lanka. The opportunity to upgrade knowledge and skills through the exposure to an international LL.M. internal programme will undoubtedly enrich the contribution lawyers and related professional can offer to their clients and organizations. For more information on January 2013 Intake Contact 0777 44 99 66